Weinstube Schellenturm

Weberstr.72, 70182 Stuttgart

Phone: 0711 - 2364888

Mon - Sat. 17:00 - midnight; closed Sundays



Located in the infamous Stuttgart Bohnenviertel, the wine bar “Schellenturm” is a must for culture lovers and connoisseurs. This popular restaurant is located in Stuttgart’s last remaining tower of the city wall, which was built in 1564. In 1811 the tower was renewed and renamed "Schellenturm". A piece of history to experience...

The wine bar “Schellenturm” offers high-quality wines from the best wine regions. Whether gray or white Burgundy, Acolon or Blanc de Noir, Trollinger or Gewürztraminer - there's something for every taste.

But not just the wine-list is formidable! The “Schellenturm” also offers an excellent cuisine and pampers your taste buds with a variety of dishes. Get into the mood with a delicious appetizer before the creative entrees. How about a "wild Diana soup with cherries" to the entrance, followed by the "Schellenturm fillet dish", fillets of beef and pork with spaetzle, fresh mushrooms and salad. Or would you prefer an excellent fish dish? The completion is the pleasure of a heavenly dessert, such as the homemade quince jelly on walnut.

Not only the “Schellenturm”, also the location Bohnenviertel (Bean Quarter) is quite unique: During the centuries, the Bohnenviertel was mainly populated by squalid folk and artisans. In their small gardens they cultivated all kinds of beans and in the eyes of the Stuttgart townsfolk, the inhabitants of the district were somehow special. The social structure of the Bohnenviertel-residents has changed over the last decades, but you still find many antique- and curiosity- shops as well as a multitude of cafes, pubs, bistros and wine bars.