Weinstube Kiste

Kanalstrasse 2, 70182 Stuttgart

Phone: 0711 / 244 002


Mon - Fri : 17:00 pm - midnight;

Sat :  11:30 am - midnight



A place for everyone to relax and enjoy ... The wine bar “Die Kiste” (The box) is located in the center of Stuttgart on Kanalstrasse2.

Meeting point for artists and artisans, politicians and professors, celebrities from politics and business; they all come here for a chat, or to read- just relax and enjoy! Young and Old know and love this place. This wonderful house is more than 180 years old. The name “Die Kiste” comes from an oat chest to feed horses in front of the house. Back then the “Die Kiste” was an inn outside the city walls. Another theory states that students would have hung a gold-plated box over their regular place after coachman Ringwald (the house owner back then) had been advanced his payment by King Charles. Ringwald had to care for seven children and needed more money, so he accepted the offer to open a beer hall - a winning decision. And it still is to this day. At “Die Kiste” however, you'll not only get beer, but also a fine selection of wines from the best growing regions. And there is another reason why the customers come back: the food! The excellent cuisine offers German and Swabian food at its best. One of the special dishes are “Maultaschen”, a kind of huge ravioli with potato salad; meat loaf with roast potatoes, roast beef dish with a salad or boiled beef (brisket). You should give a try as well the Gaisburger Marsch, the cheese spaetzle or the Flädle (swabian pan cake) with cranberries.