Running Mhhh

Kronprinzstraße 24, 70173 Stuttgart

Phone: 0178 / 537 023 1


Mon - Sat 11:00 - 20:00 , Sunday closed

This is the revolution oft he classic Swabian Ravioli called „Maultasche“… The RUNNING MHHH might be the smallest speciality-takeaway in town and the most remarkable one. These guys offer the national dish in varieties you will never find anywhere else! Combined with a bisquit covered like a pretzel or dressed witzh ketchup & curry like the „Currywurst“ the ravioli taste completely different Ofcourse you can also order the Swabian Ravioli the classic way, roasted or deep fried and with sauce and potato salad. And you can have a vegetarian variety, here called „Ohne Tier“ which means without animal… The RUNNING MHHH also offers partyservice and catering whereever you want to surprise your guests. Find the small takeaway-entrance in the city of Stuttgart in the Lange Strasse just opposite HAEGEN DAZS.