Hotel Gasthof z. Hirsch

Wannenweg 2, 72534 Hayingen-Indelhausen
Phone: 07386-97780


Closed Mon. exept legal holidays



There is a restaurant in Indelhausen near Hayingen worth to be visited on your trip over the Swabian Alb. The Hotel Gasthof zum Hirsch is located in the center of Indelhausen directly on the route between Hayingen and the cozy villages alongside the Lauter Valley in direction to Muensingen.

You will find a typical Swabian restaurant, family driven and with a long history in offering local spacialities and serving locals and tourists in equal measure.

The menue is really outstanding as you find a variety of edable snails or better known as escargot, a culinary speciality the Swabian Alb is traditionally famous for. And there are more exclusive highlights from the kitchen of the Restaurant Hirsch not everybody knows: They offer mouflon here in different ways – not always but once in a while when they get one by the local hunters who are also responsable for all the other venison dishes.

You may enjoy local food and beverages in the cozy beer garden or in two different restaurant rooms in the basement. For your celebration or business meetings the Hirsch offers two big side rooms for approx. 150 persons. For your overnight stay or holidays look for the hotel informations including several guesthouses nearby.