Arizona Diner

Großherzog-Friedrich-Straße 16-18,

66111 Saarbrücken 

Phone: 0681 / 958 162 40


Tue - Thur 12:00 - 14:30 pm + 6:00 - 10:00 pm, monday closed

Pink neon, old highway signs, turquoise stools and benches, a swingin’ jukebox, and posters and statues of Marylin and Elvis—are we at a truck stop on Route 66?  Nope.  You’ve just pulled into the ARIZONA DINER in Saarbrucken!

Here’s the skinny: Chef Cédric Becker grooves on American culture.  He’s driven across the US many times and made friends there who helped him collect all this vintage décor.  Instead of emigrating to the States, he brought the States home to Germany and created his own little island of the 1950s on Großherzog-Friedrich-Straße.

And people love it!  They love the fifties-style burgers, the hot dogs, ribs, steaks, and tacos washed down with Coke, pop, milkshakes, or American beer.  They love the concerts every month: blues, country, jazz, rockabilly, rock ’n’ roll, and Elvis’ greatest hits.  If ever they get bored, they can hop twenty miles across the border to France, where Becker owns a second ARIZONA DINER that’s just as swingin’: 7 Rue de France, 57200 Sarreguemines, Phone 03 87 28 79 34,