Altstadtlokal Funzel

Untere Vorstadt , 71063 Sindelfingen

Phone: 07031 / 8195902


Mon - Sun 11:00 - 23:30

This restaurant is in a wonderful location with plenty of outdoor seating. The huge wooden tables and chairs outside facing the plaza make a great first impression .

Inside you find a cozy atmosphere all in natural wood, even the walls like a Bavarian restaurant in the Alps.

 When looking for authentic food from the Swabian region in Sindelfingen, this is the place to go. The foods offered are quite tasty and memorable.  You will find many of the dishes that were ones common in the region for a very acceptable price. A special recommendation are the dishes with the restaurants name "Funzel" in their names. Beer is, as expected, also available in many variation, but the clear recommendation is to go for their house brand as it fits the dishes in both taste and price. Service is great and friendly, the waiters speak English and try to make feel  everyone at home, it's just the small notch between the native language.  

The Maultaschen there are famous and really good and the schnitzel is even better. You could have had a full meal just from the garden salad - which also has potato salad and other sides within it. They have an English menu, and even if your waitress does not speak English- no problem,  everything is easy there and everybody smiles!