Dogs Dream

Gablenberger Hauptstraße 86, 70186 Stuttgart

Phone: 0711 - 46906705

Mon.-Fri. : 09:30 am - 7:00 pm

Sat.: 09:30 am - 2:00 pm

Being your best friend your dog surely is entitled to chow down the best food and to have the nicest accessories you can trace for him. Therefore DOGS DREAM will be the shop you are looking for. Located in the eastern area of Stuttgart, DOGS DREAM-owner Sabrina Klasnja offers the things that keep you and your dog happy - and all of it in finest quality. Leashes and collars in all sizes and in all kinds of materials and colors. Or dog-baskets and –beds which can also be ordered from various manufacturers. And it goes without saying that at DOGS DREAM you’ll find food you never saw or even heard of before. Shopping is one thing – but to schlep the heavy bags of dog-food upstairs can be quite exhausting. To avoid that, DOGS DREAM provides a home delivery service that will bring the goods directly to your doorstep. No extra charge with a purchase of more than € 50,- As a special service the professional Sabrina Klasnja offers consultancy in special dog-insurances. And she has a very good network including dog-parlors, dog trainers and others.